A Telephone Session Case Study


In a recent telephone session with my webmaster, Kim Blizzard, she identified the following as being "there" for her as I asked her to focus on “things that stood between her and feeling O.K.” at the beginning of the session:



After I read this list back to her in a voice that matched the emotional tone of her own voice as I had heard it during the focusing process, she felt strongly that she wanted to work on the pain in stomach, which she described as paradoxical in that it felt like an ulcer, but prior medical testing had indicated that there was no ulcer there, only an irritation that flared up during times of stress.


I asked Kim to imagine putting on a Miner's Lamp on her forehead. (This is a symbolically magical device that often makes it much easier to see the inner significance of whatever is there that needs to be understand more fully.) After she did this and got it working, here are the things she saw in answer to coaching questions I asked her about the stomach pain:



My own "process intuition" at this point was to have Kim speak to her pain in a voice dialogue as though it were a live entity. So I asked her to talk to it that way, and to get two chairs to sit in while she did so-one for when she was speaking as the pain and one as when she was speaking as her normal self.


I then coached her through a detailed conversation in which the pain let her know that it was doing her a favor by letting her know when her ambivalence and avoidance of things she didn't want to deal with had let things get out of hand; and that although the pain didn't want to be eradicated as an entity, it would be more than glad to produce no pain at all most of the time, only giving her a brief pain to get her attention when she needed to focus on something she was ignoring. With that done, I asked Kim to see if she was feeling the pain at all.


She wasn't.


Then I asked her to see if she could create the feeling of the pain, just as it felt before we began.


Although it took a little while, she found that she could, and did.


I asked her to increase the pain, but only a tiny bit-specifically, one "just noticeable difference"


She did this as well.


And after that, I had her decrease the pain two "just noticeable differences" (or "JNDs"); then increase the pain one JND, then decrease it four JNDs; then increase it one JND; then decrease it eight JNDs; then increase it one JND; and then watch it decrease an infinite amount, but still be present, able to return whenever needed, according to the agreement she had earlier made with it.


She reported doing all this successfully, and with that, the healing work was done.


We ended of by talking about the session, answering any questions that Kim had, and looking forward to seeing how things would unfold with the passage of time.



As it turned out, a day or so later, when we were talking about the web development work that she was doing for me, Kim reported that in the evening of the very same day as we had done the work , the pain briefly came on. As soon as she recognized it and asked what it was trying to get her attention about, Kim realized that she had for some minutes been feeling fairly strong ambivalence about a party that her "significant other" wanted her to go to, and was just about to capitulate about when the pain appeared. Realizing that she really didn't want to go, she thanked the pain for bringing it to her attention, and announced that she wouldn't be going to the party. With that, the pain disappeared, and hasn't been back ever since.