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About Inward Bound Phone Sessions

To schedule a guided phone session, contact Oliver Markley at 512-964-6224

Inward Bound sessions are, of course, best done face to face.  But they also work quite well by telephone, especially when working on a well-identified problem with a standard process, such as Transformative Re-Visioning.

If you want to set up a telephone appointment, I ask that you complete the questionnaire for new clients beforehand, and send it to me by email.   After looking at it, I will call you to answer any questions you may have; to ensure that you understand and accept the client agreement at the bottom of the questionnaire; and to make an appointment for a mutually convenient time.  Most sessions can be done in about an hour.

Payment is made by credit card via PayPal, which you can do from here:

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Q: How do telephone sessions work?

A: Unless you have something specific that you want to work on immediately, most Inward Bound telephone sessions begin by me guiding you through the first stage of the Focusing process outlined by Eugene Gendlin (one of the processes described in the INWARD BOUND Master Tool Set). Specifically, I ask you to go inside, and to feel the multiple answers to the question "How do I feel right now?" that you ask yourself.  Also, "What are all the things that are there for me now-- especially things that 'stand between me and feeling o.k.'?" One at a time, you see and verbalize each thing, then let go of it (while I, on the other end of the phone line, take notes).  Item by item, this continues until there is nothing else.

Then, as I read back the list of things that were mentioned, reflecting the emotional  voice tone of your words, you determine which of the list feels like what it is that you want to begin with. Whatever this is is the point of departure for the work of the session. Alternatively, we may deal with the entire list by having you visualize an image or phrase (that comes up spontaneously, not something that you figure out) that symbolizes all of that-and this image is the point of departure for doing the Transformative Re-Visioning process. Or the direction of work may be something entirely different, depending on what both you and I agree would be most appropriate.

Please note that the "Roger's Cold Call" case study described in the Transformative Re-Visioning page was done by telephone.  For a somewhat more complex case study that follows the above sequence,  also done by telephone, Click Here.

Q: Is this work safe?

A: As regards safety, you should know all valid and worthwhile transformative work is risky to some part of your personality, typically the part of you that wants to hold on to things that are familiar and customary, even though they may not be working for you any longer. This is to be expected and should not be confused with the type of long-term trauma that comes from abusive relationships or from strongly, but wrongly directed coaching.

In this work you as a client are urged never to do something that you don't feel right about, although you are encouraged to take risks. Fundamentally, this work is about deepening your own sense of sovereignty and trust in inner knowing about what is good for you, so ultimately the responsibility for your experience is yours alone.